A Little About me

I'm a camera operator and Sony FS5 owner based in Cambridge. I work all across the UK and abroad, having filmed in Copenhagen, Zurich, Geneva, Málaga and Rotterdam. 

I have been freelancing full-time for 5 years but my career has really started in 2007 when I contributed as a motion-control operator for the Oscar-winning stop-motion animation feature Peter & the Wolf. 

As a freelancer, I'm mostly seen on my glidecam gathering and planning the moving shots or setting up lighting, camera and sound for interviews. I have experience and skills in dealing with clients and subjects making them feel at ease and comfortable before an interview. 

When filming I'm always on the lookout for that killer shot and sequences that will best tell the story. In scripted pieces and when working with a director and bigger teams, I give my input and contribute with ideas. 

I have experience filming corporate pieces, promotional videos, case studies, product releases, fashion, food, ad-campaigns and multi-camera.

More often than not I use my own Sony FS5 camera, but many times I'm hired to operate an FS7, C300 or 5DmkIV. I'm also comfortable operating a RED or Arri Alexa Mini.

I am currently learning and developing skills as a documentary filmmaker having recently completed a documentary filmmaking course by Raindance. 


Available for hire

Extensive experience in filming corporate events, promotional videos and interviews. Regularly filming in London for high end corporate clients hired by production companies and media agencies. Excellent people skills.  Cambridge based and working all over the UK.

Sony fs5 and kit owner

35mm sensor camera for a cinematic look, Super Slow-Motion up to 200fps, Slider for smooth tracks and Steadicam for beautiful moving shots.

 Professional audio and radio mics for crystal clear sound. Great kit that really improves the value and looks of any production.

competitive rates

Having my own kit means saving on hiring equipment which translates into more affordable quotes. Always making sure you get the best value for your budget. Get in touch for more information and quotes.

Promotional films 

Advertising, product launches, branding, Youtube videos or Instagram Stories. 

Whatever your needs, we can create an engaging video to wow your audience and attract new clients. Be it a simple piece to camera or a more elaborate scripted project, I have the means, experience and professional contacts to produce effective and creative videos.

I have filmed for:



and Lenses
Action Camera 
Monitor & External Recorder

Sony Fs5

Sony A7ii 

Samyang 14mm T3.1

Nikon 17-55mm f2.8 G

Nikon 35mm f2

Canon 50mm f1.4

Canon 100mm f2.8

Tamron 70-200mm f2.8 IS

Gopro Hero 6 - 4K, Super Slow Motion at 200fps in 1080p

Atomos Ninja Flame - 4K HDR, ProRes HQ, DNxHD

Rode NTG4 Shotgun Mic

Sony Wireless Audio Kit

Zoom H4n Pro External Recorder


Shoulder Mount Rig w/ extension arm

Sachtler ACE M Tripod

Rhino Slider Evo Carbon 24”

3 Axis Motorised Gimbal

Manfrotto 502AH Flat Head


Steadicam Aero A-15 Rig


LED Panels:

2x Neewer 660 Bi-colour

1x Aputure Amaran 528 Spot

2x 300 LED Top Lights

3x 800w redheads

Various gels and modifiers

Green screen

Editing Suite

Custom Built Rig

Intel i7 4770K 32GB Ram 

Graphics Card 4GB 

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite

iZotope RX6 audio editor

iZotope Ozone Advanced 8.01

DaVinci Resolve




If you have a project you’d like to discuss, or a job you think I would be suitable for, please don't hesitate to contact me.

TEL. +44 7943 321 972